Pat Beggs


Pat Beggs has been in the construction industry since 1978. The expertise that Mr. Beggs brings to the table is first hand experience working around high pressure pipelines, excavation work, clearing and restoration of right-of-ways. In addition, Mr. Beggs has been extensively involved in fabricated & installed meter stations, mainlines, and working in and around Compressor Stations. Mr. Beggs and his crews have also provided assistance in ILI programs dealing with transportation, loading, tracking, receiving and cleaning of tools.

For the past 20 years Mr. Beggs has been actively involved in anomaly investigations and data gathering for integrity management and SCC programs. Quality and safety are two areas of focus for Mr. Beggs’ and his team. This commitment has been demonstrated with an outstanding safety record and long lasting customer relationships. Mr. Beggs crews are staffed with employees who are effectively trained and operator-qualified for tasks performed.