Lynnae Huber

Director of Finance and Administration

Lynnae Huber manages the Finance and Administration at Coast to Coast, where she has been an enthusiastic part of the team since 2015. Having previous experience as an accounting assistant, she quickly familiarized herself with the company, through learning what truly drives success within the current climate of the pipeline industry.

Lynnae quickly took on a wider range of tasks at Coast to Coast, utilizing her personal skill and passion to sustain and strengthen business growth. She does this extrinsically by networking with others in the industry; as well as intrinsically, offering day-to-day organizational support, through accounting and human resources.

Originally hailing from a fishing town on the Oregon coast, Lynnae left behind small town life to earn her BS in Business from the University of Oregon. Once graduated, she relocated to the city of Portland—which proved a natural fit, given her interest in great restaurants, happy hours, and outdoor activities.