Utilizing the principles of long range guided wave inspection, Coast to Coast Inspection Services, Inc. has adapted this technology in a higher frequency hand held format for the pipeline industry. The iSONIC 2005/2006 performs CB scan horizontal plane view imaging and recoding of defects at distances of up to 3’ through continuous measuring of echo amplitudes and reflector coordinates along probe trace. Complete sequence A scans are recorded along with CB scan defect images.

The recorded data is processed and evaluated offline and will identify: Sizing of defects by length, width, distance coordinates and depth (depending on calibration standard), Playback and evaluation of A scans, Defect outlining and echo-dynamic pattern analysis, Reconstruction of CB scan defect images for various Gain and/or Reject settings, And DAC/DGS CB scan normalization. This technology works extremely well scanning into blind transitions such as vaults. The limitations of this type of inspection are: Pipe surface must be clean base metal and as smooth as possible, Internal or External identification is not possible as with long range guided wave, Dimensional accuracy within 0.040”(length and width), Depth sizing is typically not possible; however limited depth sizing possible with a location specific calibration standard. Coast to Coast Inspection Services began utilizing this technology in 2006 and has performed hundreds of successful inspections utilizing this technology and has written a vault inspection case study.

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