Guided Wave

An advancing technology for detecting and analyzing
corrosion in pipes where access is difficult.

Long Range UT


  • Low cost screening with 100% coverage
  • Focusing capability to evaluate corrosion distribution around pipe circumference
  • Typical test range 60m 197’ from single location, ideal conditions can achieve 350m 1148’. Coast Analysts have successfully achieved a 570’ examination on a span with supports over a river.
  • Testing of pipes 1.5” up to 48” diameter as a typical range, system is viable up to 72”
  • Proven capability on pipe in service up to 125°C or 257°F
  • Reliable detection of 9% metal loss flaws, this is a volumetric measurement and the unit is sensitive to 3% metal loss.
  • Ideal where conventional testing is impossible or very costly e.g. clamped, insulated, elevated, sleeved or buried pipes.

Long Range UT


  • Low frequency ultrasound is transmitted and received from a single location
  • The guided waves used travel long distances, even in buried, submerged or insulated pipe
  • Response from flaws is a function of their depth and circumferential extent
    Focusing allows ultrasound energy to be concentrated into a small region of pipe for detailed localized inspection
  • Teletest® uses ‘multi-mode’ technology to characterize and quantify any flaw detected
  • A laptop PC runs dedicated Teletest® data acquisition and analysis software. The flaw detector communicates with the PC via a high-speed data link
  • The test equipment is built up in modules to fit ASME pipe sizes

Short Range UT

Short Range Guided Wave is utilized as a complementary tool during Long Range Guided Wave inspection to capture the deadzone. It is also ideal for scanning under obstructed locations such as vaults and pipe supports or risers. In areas deemed inaccessible without the excessive cost of disassembly or deconstruction, SRUT is utilized to locate corrosion and metal loss on storage tanks and piping components. This technique provides recorded data to the client and can be used as a baseline for future inspections.

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