Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) integrates a traditional ultrasonic thickness measurement scanner with an electromechanical motor driven arm and computer controlled data acquisition and storage software. The combination offers the versatility of a standard hand held UT thickness meter with high speed data acquisition. Data is collected in the A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan formats with overlay capabilities. Large areas can be quickly scanned and the data immediately available, which is not possible using a hand held scanner.

Coast to Coast Inspection Services utilizes the Accuscan 2009 scanner with a Proscan controller. This high speed system can be configured to scan for internal/ midwall metal loss or external metal loss. In addition, the system allows Coast to Coast Inspection Services to scan external/midwall/internal in the same pass as well as TOFD and short range guided wave (SRGW) all at a lower cost than competing AUT systems. The Accuscan 2009 is a high speed scanner with built in motor controllers to reduce bulk. The system is capable of scanning pipe as small as 2” in diameter with speeds of up to 30” per second. The Proscan controller unit and software were designed to provide high speed data acquisition and one of the most accurate sizing units in the NDT field. Data is displayed standard A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan as well as 3D. Multiple scans can be stitched together for a single graphical display.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing is ideal testing method to scan larger areas for internal/external corrosion, MIC and mid wall defects such as laminations. AUT will provide more data and high accuracy in less time and cost than manual scanning.




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