Cathodic Protection

Pipeline Integrity Indirect Assessments and Surveys

About Cathodic Protection

Coast to Coast provides a variety of NACE certified technicians to support a variety of corrosion and cathodic protection needs. We work with each client to ensure their needs are met and will customize your deliverable to best match your requirements. We will provide your team with a report that is easy to understand and interpret, provide you with raw data, and integrate our software with your GIS system.

Indirect Inspection Surveys

ECDA & ICDA Surveys
CIS – Close Interval Surveys
Annual Surveys

Coating & Inspection Survey

ACVG – Alternating Current Voltage Gradient
DCVG – Direct Current Current Voltage Gradient
Coating Inspection – Coast can provide NACE level 1 and 2 Coating Inspectors

Technical Survey

Rectifier and Bond Troubleshooting
Structure Identification
Pre and Post Assessment
Groundbed installation and design
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